Hospitals and Surgery Centers

Currently the communication, confirmation and validation process between vendor reps and hospital nursing staff is made up of broken processes. The process consists of excel spreadsheets, emails, phone calls and personal interactions. The major area where it affects the most is in the “bill only” processes for the implant, broken bone and vascular surgeries.

There are multiple opportunities to realize failure points in this process:

  1. The vendor records the usage and cost incorrectly.
  2. The circular nurse records the usage and cost incorrectly.
  3. Hospital and Vendor are not aligned with contract pricing.
  4. Nurse’s recall of usage may differ from vendor rep’s for the procedure.
  5. Inaccurate usage and cost capture can lead to billing issues.
  6. Inconsistent usage and cost data between rep and nurse can delay the P.O. and invoice.
  7. Delay in the P.O. can affect material replenishment from vendors as well.

These failures lead to a series of issues related to hospital productivity, vendor payments, hospital revenue billing and lack of process visibility.

Using the Simplify OR app can make life easier for circular nurses, scrub techs, charge nurses, vendor reps and financial people who are involved in hospital billing. On top of the productivity improvements, hospital CEOs and CFOs will be relieved from issues related to inaccurate and delayed billing.

About Us

Simplify OR is founded by individuals who have collectively over 75 years of experience in building technology companies.

The goal is to simplify the operation room process as it affects doctors, nurses, hospital administration and vendors.

The first module that is released enables vendors to seamless communicate and collaborate with hospital management to accomplish the singular value - avoid inaccuracy and delay in patient billing.


The application will aid three sets of processes:

  1. Preparing for the surgery.
  2. Recording and approving of consumption and costs at the OR during the procedure.
  3. Eliminate or minimize dispute resolution leading to timely issuance of P.O. and invoice.

A combination of manual input, barcode scanning, automated batch input and batch output can drive a solution to fix the currently broken, disconnected and time consuming manual process.

Vendor Reps

Vendor reps are no longer working in isolation. They get surgery schedule notifications; confirm the availability of the inventory (instruments, implants, screws etc.) to the hospital. Reps can deliver the inventory to the OR hours ahead of the surgery so that they could be sterilized and kept ready.

In real time, reps can account for the procedure usage and costs, automatically sending it to the circular nurse for approval, while automatically updating their current business systems with inventory and usage data.

Hospitals and Surgery Centers

With Simplify OR, Hospitals and Surgery Centers can now actively collaborate with the vendor reps for the bill only process. Using their current business systems, vendor contracts can be kept current, charge numbers can be auto generated, vendor P.O and invoicing can be automated and streamlined while patient cost capture can be optimized.

All these can lead to substantial productivity improvements resulting in cost savings as well as increased cost capture.

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